Our Services

Vision Security and Communications is dedicated to provide high quality installation services in Adelaide and regional areas. Take a look below to find out what we specialise in, and get in touch with any additional questions, to learn more or to just get a FREE Quote.

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CCTV Cameras System Installation ( Residential & Commercial )

We have the experience, license and required knowledge to design and install CCTV system as per client needs. We are specialised for both commercial and residential  installation. We use top range CCTV Systems to incorporate latest features available. Monitor your business or home from anywhere, at any time with high quality security products for your protection, prevention and safety. We have CCTV system installation packages starting from $990*.

Securtiy Alarm System Installation ( Residential & Commercial )

Security of individual premises whether business or home is very crucial and we truly understand that. We take security very seriously. We are a licensed company who will go above and beyond to design and install security system, which will give you that peace of mind which is desired. We have security alarm system installation packages starting from $680*.

Digital TV Antenna Installation ( Residential & Commercial )

We  provide TV Antenna Installation  services in Adelaide at a very reasonable price. We are experts who knows which Antenna is required in certain reception area to achieve best quality signals to view HD channels with no problem at all. We also help our clients to add extra antenna outlets in their houses or business offices.

Network Hub and Cable

TV Wall Mount

Vision Security and Communications can help you with the TV Mounting for a reasonable price in order to facilitate the TV viewing angle as well as save some space for you. This will improve your experience of watching your favourite movies and shows on your TV.

Smart Doorbell & Intercom Installation

Vision Security and Communications can help you to provide smart solutions such as Doorbell Installation in order to make your life easier and safer in many ways such as Deterring opportunistic thieves,  Keeping kids in line, Avoiding delivery waits, Screening your visitors and much more. We can also help you with the Intercom  Installation to connect the inside of the house or business to the outside via microphones and speakers.

Data Cabling & WiFi Networking Solutions

In today's world Internet has become most vital in routine lifestyle. In certain scenarios we can not use the internet quite efficiently as the range of WiFi devices are not long range. In order to tackle such scenarios Vision Security and Communications can help clients with Networking solutions using both hardwired connections and long range top quality WiFi products.